Our Company

DADTCO Philafrica is a manufacturer of cassava-based products. We bridge the gap between small-holder farmers and food companies throughout Africa. Our added value lies in our innovative mobile processing technologies which make it possible to commercialize cassava in Africa.


Our Cassava Products

At Dadtco Philafrica we make food with purpose. All the cassava used to make our products is sourced from smallholder farmers. Due to our unique cassava processing technologies, we guarantee consistent high quality. We process cassava into several end products: Cassava Starch Flour, which is a gluten free white flour and into Natural Cassava Fibres. We also produce an intermediate product: Cassava Starch Paste, a semi wet cassava paste used which is usable in several industries as a raw material.

Our Mobile Technology

Our patented innovative mobile processing technology has changed the way cassava is perceived, grown and processed in Africa. We process fresh cassava on-farm or nearby, instead of transporting the perishable roots over long distances to a central factory. Our mobile concept essentially overcomes main obstacles to the commercialization of cassava across Africa: the transportation of roots with high water content and bulky irregular shape and the rapid perishability of the root once harvested. Our mobile technology results in zero waste. 100% of the cassava root is utilized.

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Agricultural Value Chain

It is our conviction that agricultural development only takes place when farmers have access to guaranteed markets for their products. We source cassava from thousands of smallholder farmers and partner with agricultural organizations to improve farmers best practices, facilitate agricultural inputs and ensure sustainable farming practices are communicated. A sustainable future for smallholder farmers guarantees a sustainable source of cassava for Dadtco Philafrica.