Our Mobile Technology

Our patented innovative mobile processing technology has changed the way cassava is perceived, grown and processed in Africa. Instead of transporting the perishable roots over long distances, we process fresh cassava on-farm or nearby. Our mobile technology results in zero waste. 100% of the cassava root is utilized.

Mobile Concept

Our mobile concept essentially overcomes three main obstacles to the commercialization of cassava across Africa:

– The transportation of roots with high water content.
– The transportation of roots with bulky irregular shape.
– The rapid perishability of the root once harvested.

These obstacles, in addition to the wide scattering of smallholder farmers, lead to high transportation costs and challenging logistics. The barriers in effect make the crop uneconomic for commercial exploitation. Our mobile innovation brings the factory to the farmer and reduces the water content of the roots within 24 hours after harvesting after which the product is bagged and ready for transport.

Production Process

Our technology consists of three mobile processing components: an Autonomous Mobile Processing Unit (AMPU), a Mobile Refinery Unit (MRU) and a Mobile Drying Unit (MDU).

1. The AMPU processes cassava roots into a type of paste and releases 98% of the starch granules into released starch.
2. The MRU removes nearly all the fibres in the paste.
3. The MDU dries the cassava starch paste into food grade Cassava Starch Flour.