Our Cassava Products

At Dadtco Philafrica we make food with purpose. All the cassava used to make our products are sourced from smallholder farmers. Due to our unique cassava processing technologies, we guarantee consistent high quality. We process cassava into several end products: Cassava Starch Flour, which is a gluten free white flour and into Natural Cassava Fibres. We also produce an intermediate product: Cassava Starch Paste, a semi wet cassava paste used which is usable in several industries as a raw material.


Cassava is officially called manihot esculenta, but has many names such as tapioca, manioc, yuca and mandioca. It is a root crop similar to other starch crops such as potatoes. Cassava can be found in tropical climates and is easy to grow, drought resistant, high yielding and well adapted to climate change. It is the most important starch crop in sub-Saharan Africa and provides the largest calorie intake of the people.

In Africa, cassava yields the highest revenue earned per hectare. The continent is the world’s number one cassava producer but has never developed a cassava processing industry, because the very perishable cassava root needs to be processed within 24 hours of harvesting. Our solution is to bring the factory to the farmer with our mobile plants to allow for same day


Gluten free & non-GMO

Cassava is naturally gluten free. When processed into flour it is extremely well suited for baking. Compared to other gluten free flours, the properties of cassava flour come closest to those of wheat flour. Our Cassava Starch Flour is an innovative substitute for wheat flour and enables the production of a number of gluten free baked goods with virtually the same taste, texture, crumb and baking characteristics as those made with wheat flour. Nearly all cassava grown in Africa is non-GMO and grown without the use of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals.