Agricultural value chain

It is our conviction that agricultural development only takes place when farmers have access to guaranteed markets for their products. We source cassava from thousands of smallholder farmers. We partner with agricultural organizations to improve farmers best practices, facilitate agricultural inputs and ensure sustainable farming practices are communicated. A sustainable future for smallholder farmers guarantees a sustainable source of cassava for Dadtco Philafrica.

Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management plays a key role in successfully processing cassava. Many attempts have failed to commercialise cassava in Africa, not due to failure in technology, but rather due to an unsustainable supply chain. Dadtco Philafrica therefore puts heavy emphasis on supply chain management and robust smallholder farmer’s programs, which are critical to the success of our operations. This is also an area where we have developed unique know-how and expertise.

Agricultural Program

In order to support smallholder farmers we set up a program in each country, in Good Agricultural Practices. We focus on eliminating the most limiting factors of cassava cultivation through providing training and stem materials to smallholder farmers. We collaborate closely with agricultural research institutes, national and international NGO’s, and local extension services of the government.