Our Company

DADTCO Philafrica is a manufacturer of cassava-based products. We bridge the gap between small-holder farmers and food companies throughout Africa.Our added value lies in our innovative mobile processing technologies which make it possible to commercialize cassava in Africa.

Cassava is the major starchy food crop in Sub Saharan Africa and can only be grown efficiently by small-holder farmers. Our mobile plants are adapted to the African rural circumstances and facilitate same-day processing creating a market for these farmers.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a leader in cassava processing in Africa, working together with small-holder farmers.

It is our mission to initiate a cassava revolution across Africa, alleviating subsistence farmers from poverty and turning them into emerging commercial farmers.

Farmers: our most important partners

We consider the farmers to be our important partners as we depend on them for our root supply. Dadtco Philafrica B.V. would not exist were it not for the small-holder cassava farmers.

Cassava is fundamentally a smallholder crop and does not lend itself for mechanization. We believe that agricultural development only takes place when farmers have access to guaranteed markets for their products. Together with our partners we make sure that sustainable farming practices such as Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM), are applied. A sustainable future for smallholder farmers guarantees a sustainable source of root supplies for us.

Effective supply chain management is the critical success factor to our cassava processing enterprise. Read more about our agricultural value chain and farmer programs.

Our partners in development

Dadtco Philafrica is a for profit – social enterprise. Our innovative technology enhances food security throughout Africa, whilst creating far-reaching job opportunities for rural people. Our cassava operation generates new revenue streams and injects significant capital into the local economy. This is done directly to our partner-farmers or indirectly to suppliers of goods and services.

It is our mission to initiate a cassava revolution across Africa, alleviating subsistence farmers from poverty. To achieve this, we form strong strategic partnerships with:

– Donors
– Governments
– NGO’s
– Agricultural Research Institutes

Philafrica Foods PTY LTD

Philafrica Foods is our majority shareholder, whose shared vision is: “to transform the lives of millions of Africans – economically, socially and spiritually through food processing in Africa”.

Headquartered in South Africa, Philafrica Foods own and operate maize mills, wheat mills, an oilseed-crushing, extraction and refining plant, as well as animal feed manufacturing plants spanning all animal categories. Philafrica Foods is owned by AFGRI Group Holdings, an investment holding company with interests in a number of agricultural-related companies providing products and services to ensure sustainable agriculture.